How to DIY Holiday Garland

December 6, 2017

It’s that time of year. Christmas. But this year is different. This year, it is our first Christmas in our home. We bought our house back in July and after months of ripping out flooring, sanding down baseboards and endless hours of painting, we finally get to stop, decorate and throw a party!


In preparation of our annual holiday celebration, we’re started decorating the house. Being from California, I have long dreamed of living in a cooler climate that validates having super soft red plaid blankets (like these), a large Christmas tree and most important, garland.


Garland that looks like this.



Or like this.



Or like this.


As a first time garland buyer, I did my research and quickly learned to make garland truly special requires a little extra effort to spruce it up. Here’s a step by step list of how to up your garland game!


What you need:

  1. Garland. We opted for boxwood because it’s a common (but not native) shrub in the Midwest (you can read all about my love for native plants), and it stays green longer.

  2. Green garden wire

  3. Wire cutters

  4. Extra greenery, we used seeded and silver dollar eucalyptus (is smells fantastic), juniper, and a mix of cedar and pine branches.

  5. Mini string lights (like these) for a few reasons. They are delicate, the wire makes them easy to incorporate, and they are battery operated.


What to do:

  1. Start by measuring the area(s) you want to hang garland. Then add an extra foot for each area. (i.e. If you are doing two outdoor railings, measure both of them and then add two feet.) Take your total to the garden store and purchase you garland. I recommend stopping by Christy Webber for all your winter greenery needs.  

  2. Take the garden wire create and create a simple loop or eye pin on one end.

  3. Place the garland at the lowest elevated starting point (for example, the bottom of the staircase railing). Loop the wire completely around the garland and side it through the eye loop you created. Twist tight, and cut the excess wire. Repeat this for every foot of the garland.

  4. Once the garland is hung, take your excess greenery and cut the stems into 3-4 inch pieces. Then take the individual pieces and tuck them into the garland. I recommend using a mix of greenery to ensure the garland looks full and natural, and not too uniform. You can lift up the individual branches that make up your garland, and tuck the greenery in the gaps to help hold together.

  5. Last, the lights. Unwind the string lights, and start with the end that has the battery pack attached. Wrap it around the endpoint of the garland and tuck in underneath. Be sure you filled the battery pack first! Then simply wrap the string lights throughout the garland. Garland is made with branches, so you can wrap the wire around the branches to secure it.

  6. You’re done!



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