Going Green

October 6, 2017

Buying a home is basically buying a compromise. No home is perfect unless you build it yourself. And still, with every new task you tackle in life, you learn along the way. Safe to say, our home is a compromise.  The list of what we could do vs. what we should do is never-ending. Being an avid cook, it was without debate that the kitchen was one of our first projects to tackle.   And so, the overwhelming, compulsive questions about what I wanted with the kitchen started rumbling in my mind (the questions that keep you up at night and wake you up at 3 a.m. to look at Instagram).


Do I want floating shelves? Do I really need more counter space? Can we afford all new cabinets? Do we have the time resurface the cabinets ourselves? After answering the list of what we want vs. what we need, and considering cost vs. time, we made the decision to keep the cabinets and the open layout. But I could not live with all the wood! Seriously. All the wood made our kitchen look old and outdated, something my parents would own. Perhaps all the wood would work in a lake house, but not in the middle of a city. Take a look:


There were two decisions to be made when it came to resurfacing the cabinets; Did we want a classic all-white kitchen? If not, what color would we choose?


I’ll save you the belabored thought-process and endless articles I read that led me to my decision. Due to open floor plan (our kitchen opens into the living room), and the natural light we get (we have 7 windows in the space – spoiled, I know), we chose to have our cabinets two-tone with dark lower cabinets and white upper cabinets. As much as I love the fresh look of all-white kitchens, with all the light I felt we needed to ground the space.


Question one, answered. Question two, what color we would choose, was not so easy. Something about selecting a color felt permanent and defining. If I picked a shade of blue, did that mean I was young and modern? If I picked a soft shade of grey, was that too traditional and safe? And then there was black – sexy, bold, timeless. Yea, not 100% us. But, what about green – the trendy rising star of two-tone kitchen?


Green could be a bit overwhelming.


 Yet when used in comfortable proportions, green could be beautiful.



So we went with green; specifically we selected Sherwin Williams Jasper for the lowers, and Snowbound for the uppers. I’ll save the paint debate between Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore for a later date. The light fixtures are Park Studio LA (love them!).  Needless to say, we love it. Oh what a difference a little paint can make! Now, to tackle all the trim. 


images: studio mcgeedeVol / amber interiors / katie hackworth


p.s. This is what I had the luxury of wearing while sanding all the cabinets. PPE is real glamorous. 



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