Required Reading: Gardenista

November 16, 2016

Aside from cooking, running, and drinking too much wine, gardening holds a special place in my heart. My grandmother and mom both had beautiful gardens. As a child I spent my Thanksgivings running through my grandparents’ backyard, playing hide-and-seek with my sisters and cousins until being called in for dinner. We would scope out the best place to hide; the best spot was always tucked behind the garden shed. Crouching low in the corner, and being careful not to get our Thanksgiving dresses dirty, I could hear when I was close to being found. My sister’s bare feet tip-toeing across the red brick walkway, getting softer when crossing the grass, and then louder when she entered the side yard and walked across the rocks. Grandmothers garden was covered in lush green trees, iris and lavender that lined the house beneath the livingroom window, and daffodils that seemed to always be in bloom beneath the lemon tree.


Although my grandfather grew up on a farm, and he had a special place in his heart and stomach for tomatoes picked from the vine, the women in my family were plant-ladies. Lovers of flowers, colors, and lush green spaces that provided much needed calm to the spirit.


“Bread feeds the body, indeed, but flowers feed also the soul.” -The Koran


I too have a small backyard and garden, that is just coming to life. In my on-going quest for inspiration and creative ideas, I recently purchased Gardenista: The Definitive Guide to Outdoor Spaces. Editor in chief Michelle Slatalla gathered the best design from London to LA with Brooklyn-based photographer Matthew Williams, to delivered a guide complete with planting guides, case studies of outdoor structures, DIY projects and times, and more.


The photos alone make the book worth buying – check it out.


image Terrain

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