My blogging days date back to 2007 (it's been a few years, I know). I lived in Seattle and created content for La Boudoir, which chronicled my love for design, fashion and photography. Blogging led to contributions to Glamour, Marie-Claire, Runner's World, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, and The Examiner, among other publications. But sometimes life hits pause.

A marriage, divorce, a few job changes, and moves from San Francisco to Seattle, Oakland to New York and then Chicago all required more attention to living and less time to express the everyday in words. Therefore, writing and creating stood still.


Sometimes you have to go on a journey to figure out where you truly belong.


You see, I’m a gardener, a cook, a runner, a passionate sustainable and seasonable food supporter, a motorcyclist, an avid outdoors woman, and lover of all things beautiful. But more importantly, I’m a writer. I’m a content creator. I’m a story teller. I’m like everyone else who wants to connect and create, encourage, inspire and grow.  

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